Relatively Speaking – First Blog Post!

I’ll preface this post by saying I’m not an extraordinary person, nor do I claim to lead an exceptionally exciting life. BUT – I love life, and I love my life, for better and for worse. I’m a small-town girl who grew up on a farm, married my high school sweetheart, Erik, and went to college and graduate school. I work as a physical therapist at a local hospital. I’m a devoted dog mom to my Bernese Mountain Dog, Reggie, and my friends are the same friends I rode bikes with in the third grade and went to prom with when I was 16. I enjoy wine nights and Netflix binges with my sister-in-law, Kristi, every Sunday night, and I read… a lot. See – I warned you I was ordinary.

You’re thinking, why would anyone read this? She’s just like me and every other person I know. You’re right – I am like you, relatively speaking. The experiences we have in life, joys and struggles, are relative – relative to your previous experiences and to those of others. As humans, it is our nature to compare ourselves to others, which is both motivating and maddening. Because, throughout my ordinary life, I have done things in the socially acceptable order at the same time as my friends. I went to college. I got married (after dating my husband for 10 years). I got a job. We bought a house. We got a dog. Again, relatively ordinary.

Except – my husband is a professional baseball player and for the last 14 years, we spend eight months per year in separate states and on occasion, in separate countries. Except – I work a full-time job and take care of an entire house for those eight months every year. Except – for three years, our loving, gentle giant of a dog suffered through several autoimmune disorders before we found a vet who saved him and didn’t think we were crazy pet owners. Except – we are struggling with the next natural step in life – starting our own family. While all of my friends are adding swaddled bundles of joy to their families, I am helplessly waiting for it to be our turn. Except – I am still searching for options and answers, undergoing tests, procedures, surgery, ultrasounds, more tests, more doctor bills.

My struggles may be far fewer than some and they may be far greater than others. Whatever the case, I know I am blessed, and relatively speaking, I have led a fulfilling life the past 29 (and one-half) years. The purpose of this blog is to bring light to my everyday struggles with long distance relationships, the internal conflict of spending more time with my husband versus being a career woman, and infertility. This is my cathartic journal – I’m exposing my vulnerabilities so that I might strike a chord with someone out there – or at least provide some reprieve to a reader after a long day.

I told you my life wasn’t exceptionally exciting, and this blog won’t be groundbreaking. I’ll share why and how I love life in general and more specifically, my life, for better and for worse. Because the more I share my struggles and experiences with friends and family, the more I learn how prevalent and relevant they are. And I think that’s what’s most validating about it – I’m just like you and you’re just like me, relatively speaking.

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